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Company overview of indian coffee business

This research study analyses and discusses the Indian company Café Coffee Time, its Marketing Blend and entry setting to the united kingdom. My analysis aims to check out the café coffee day’s background, marketing mix, and the success tactics in India furthermore to various kinds of international environmental elements and market entry function to enter in the UK market. The problems of why and how to enter in the UK industry are illustrated with diverse market entry modes. It really is found that the UK market is convenience to enter for organization. I compared the company’s marketing blend and UK’s advertising environment. I offered some suggestion to the powerful Indian organization except minimum international experience for setting up its charisma in the united kingdom.

This case study is illustrates a reliable and popular coffee house manufacturer Café Coffee Day, and how it is possible because of this to venture into one of the largest overall economy in the European zone , The United Kingdom. This case study describes the various marketing mix of this organization, the advertising environment of UK and the feasible entry modes.

Café Coffee Moment in India

Café Coffee Working day (CCD) is probably the more developed company and center throb of youths in India. The headquarter is normally situated in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka it’s a division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Organization Ltd. CCD opened up its 1st cafe in the year 1996 on the socially frequented location called Brigade Highway which is found in the center of Bangalore, now it is just about the most important retail chain of café’s in India, having a lot more than 1000 cafes in 141 cities. Café Coffee Day stands out as a unique company in India and features managed to gain the tag of ‘Most Trusted Brand’ rank itself as second in a survey for food services conducted in 2008. Currently CCD plans to make big global chain by 2012-2013(Café Coffee Time Official website 2010).

While expanding the business enterprise in India, CCD’s marketing strategy is to open a café near to educational organization and corporate campuses. CCD previously began to explore European market; they made their show open coffee retailers in Vienna. Café espresso day is having numerous kinds of formats according to the prospective audience.

Café Coffee Day Trivia

C:\Documents and Settings\Ranjeet\Desktop\ccd_table1.JPG (Source: web-site CCD & Coffee Day web page 2010)

Café Coffee Day Types:

C:\Documents and Settings\Ranjeet\Desktop\ccd_table2.JPG

(Source: internet site CCD & Coffee Day site 2010)

United Kingdom:

United Kingdom has the sixth largest economy on the globe and stands high in set of developed countries in europe. UK is the home of world famous education institutes and corporate houses. Central Cleverness Agency’s cites that the population of UK is 62,348,447 (July 2010), and the true GDP of the united states is normally -5% (2009 est.). The twelve-monthly report of World Lender declared that United Kingdom is rated 4 out of 183 economies for ease of doing business. While choosing the united kingdom market Café Coffee Day needs to analysis the international marketing environments (CIA globe factbook 2010).

International Market Environment

Brassington & Pettit, (2006) argues while taking your choice to pursue international advancement, the company has to investigate following environmental elements.

Socio cultural Environment

Cultural factors

Language Factors

The UK human population speaks various languages based on the region, Although English may be the national language but CCD needs to consider Scot, Scot Gaelic, Welsh, Irish and Cornish languages aswell.


CIA community factbook categorized religions in The UK (2001 census)

(Source: CIA FactBook Website)

Social factors

Demographic factors and life-style plays very important role. According to MSI various sectors of the junk food market appeal to distinct age ranges as a result this profile of the united kingdom population is significant issue affecting the demand. The urbanization of UK human population is 0.5% the twelve-monthly rate of change from 2005-10 and in year 2010 the population growth rate is 0.563 % (CIA World factbook).

Legal Environment

The UK legal program has early on influences of roman and modern day continental practices of legislation; has recommendations for the Works of Parliament under the Human Rights Work of 1998 that have a non binding overview of judicial aspect; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations (CIA Environment factbook)

International Laws

The UK comes under European country’s laws and regulations, and Indian and UK participation group like IFC, ICC etc.

Technological Environment

The UK can be technologically advanced compared to the India and having wide range of internet, telephone, and mobile network.

Economic Environment

The UK is a leading trading power and financial centre. In India CCD does not have any rules of bare minimum wages but while entering in UK, Company needs to consider minimum wage guideline, inflation rate, unemployment fee and household income .

Political Environment

Political and legal elements plays an imperative function in this sector, these factors sets the rule of competition, operational price and wages. Following factors should consider while entering in the UK.

Operational restrictions

Discriminatory restriction

Physical actions

Marketing Mix of Café Coffee Day

The age old marketing mix, consisting of the 4Ps i actually.e;



3. Place

4. Promotion

However CCD giving infrastructure, facilities, staffs, and the procedure from ordering the merchandise to delivering it. This is the reason causes us to consider People, Physical evidence and Procedure (Brassington & Pettit, 2006, P. 1063).



(Source: official webpage of CCD)


(Source: official web page of CCD)

Café Coffee Day offers various ranges of products, some of them currently exist in UK market. The Café Coffee Time adopts a product managing hindsight to distinguish each of its one of a kind cafe which are exhibited under an umbrella of goods and those can be different according to the location. For example we can present Masala Chai and Kashmiri Qahwah to Indian populated area.


While taking into consideration the price blend for UK industry, CCD must consider various factors which can play the vital function to influence the prices strategy.

Factors: Influences on the Pricing Strategy

Company and Product factors

Corporate and Marketing objectives

The short-term tactical usage of pricing such as for example discounts, product gives, ex. McDonalds employ Big Mac with fries and Coke

Firm and Product positioning

Available resources

Marketing and Product development

Market Factors

Consumers’ perception of the merchandise, associated expectations and the average spending ability

Identifying the goals of the prevailing, their upcomingstrategies and unqiue selling point

Environmental Factors

Government influences and constraints

Level of inflation

Café coffee working day can apply various strategies, combo of affordable prices and understand buyers need furthermore to estimate the competition from the major businesses like Starbucks and Costa Coffee and their strength and weakness as well. Business in the united kingdom is governed by Federal government rules and inflation plays a crucial role running them. It is important for CCD to investigate all the important factors which i have mentioned previously to incorporate and coordinate pricing policies to grow in the united kingdom (Doole & Lowe, 2008, P. 383-4).


Strategic locations of the outlets help attract the prospective market by means of which Café Coffee day time is sustaining its business, for ex. in India their outlets are commonly situated near to spouse and children entertainment centers, educational institutes and traditional. CCD can apply the same technique in addition to it could open up the outlets in city center and near to corporate offices.


Café Coffee Day work with promotion mix in India like ties up with youth brand Levies and association in videos except as a fresh company in the united kingdom; it requires to go with more options of promotions. The client is most likely to build his/her goals by grasping the conversation messages marketing the program a business service is likely to deliver (Brassington & Pettit, 2006, P. 1069). The Promotion criteria use

various communication and motivation tactics with satisfactory emphasis on the need to generate curiosity which finally helps the customer purchase the new merchandise with trust (Lilly & Walters1997).

Following possible channels of advertising can aid CCD to recognize its existence on the market.



Print Advertising

Internet Advertising

Sales Promotion (College student Concession)


The nature of Services provided depends on the many interactions between persons, including Café Espresso Day’s staff and the standard customer. The staff plays vital role to deliver the product quality service, persons in CCD knows "People are employed for what they know but fired for how they behave". Café Coffee Time believes that staff may be the real face of any business so they can stress on intensive personnel training to cope with customers.

Physical evidence

Brassington & Pettit have talked about "Physical evidence comprises the tangible factors that support the support delivery, and provide clues about the positioning of the assistance product or supply the customer something sturdy to eliminate with them to symbolized the intangible gain they have obtained"(2006, P.1070). Café Coffee Day is very well aware of the physical evidences it usually is categorized by:

Brand Image, Logo design: Café Coffee Day logo has bright red and green color which gives it a definite appeal. Red colorization represents leadership, vitality and the zest for consuming espresso, whereas the strokes in green instantiates the heritage of producing coffee

Architecture and Décor: Café Coffee Evening is using lots of little color of today like limegreen, yellowish, orange and purple and a lot of steel rather than wood.

Literature: A youth representative impression is definitely indicated by the literature provided by Café Coffee Working day. The multi-colored hardbound menus, placards, leaflets are all designed o appeal younger generation who can emphasize with it.


In India earlier Café Coffee Working day opted on self serving system but nowadays in the majority of the outlets the waiter comes and eliminates the order and offers it to this table. While considering the UK market it could be vary based on the location for a good example CCD can want to go with self assistance with an store on Sauchihall street in Glasgow to alleviate the services provision in heavy hurry and to steer clear of the appointment of an additional staff for servicing, thereby saving cost in procedure execution.

Entry Mode to United Kingdom

Once the company made a decision to enter in the UK industry, it must evaluate numerous options about how to create an entry into the market. Different facets influence the choice of entry into the market. Brassington & Pettit (2006, P.1131-2) state six main factors are as below:

Speed: How quickly a firm wants to penetrate into a market?

Cost: How much may be the initial investment necessary to enter into the UK market?

Flexibility: How flexible is the company to adjust to certain requirements of the changing marketplace?

Risk factors: Competitive and Political risk

Payback period: The pressure from within the organization to make a quick come back on any foreign marketplace investment How fast the business operates to achieve break possibly on investments from overseas shores and also generate profits on the long term.

Long-term profit objectives: long term strategic plan and opportunities

While entering in britain, Café Coffee Day may use different entry modes for its all business divisions.

Direct Export

Direct exporting signifies that the Café Coffee Day time would produce FMCG items in India and foray into a foreign venture therefore exporting it to the new found market we.e. (UK) buyer without involving intermediary parties. The parent enterprise Amalgamated Bean Espresso Trading Company Ltd is among the major exporters of green espresso from India since 1999. The company having expertise in export, it will help Café Coffee Moment to send abroad its FMCG products like Coffee moment, Café Beat.


Its seller’s responsibility to get customers, negotiate with them and practice their orders.

Seller maintains comprehensive control by providing through his individual export department and product sales force

It helps to build-up clear presence in the market


Transportation cost will be high

Dependency on Buyer (Porter’s 5 forces Bargaining power of Buyer )

It might creates insufficient control over advertising and revenue by delegating to agents


Café Coffee Day time can consider Franchising for its Café Coffee Working day express and lounge which would mean that CCD is preparing to grant the rights to use the large number of marketing avenues like brand usage, trademarks and usage of items, and a franchisee mode of procedure is put in location to make the local entities run the businesses beneath the banner of CCD.


It can make franchise fee

It creates Opportunities to create a broadermarket operation


It may create top quality control and protecting manufacturer equity problem

Wholly-owned Subsidiaries

Café Coffee Day can be concerned about wholly-possessed Subsidiaries for express and lounge division. Just about the most expensive ways of market entry is using wholly owned subsidiary. It requires long term commitment from the administration and information (Doole and Lowe, 2008, P. 250). This entry approach can facilitate Café Coffee Day plans to develop the big global chain by 2012-13, during entering in the UK will send clear message about the business’s agenda.


Wholly unique subsidiary will serve control of key competency and manufacturing method to a competitor

The entry mode will assist to understand learning curve and position economies


The entry mode can make CCD to bear full cost of establishing its own subsidiary

Café Coffee Day needs to study British culture, customers and competitions

Café Coffee Day must deal with UK politics and laws

Sales Subsidiaries

Café Coffee Evening can think about product sales subsidiaries while providing its coffee vending machines in the United Kingdom. Product sales subsidiaries play no position in manufacturing the products aside from taking accountability for advertising, selling and distributing it (Brassington & Pettit, 2006, P. 1138).


CCD can recruit regional in addition to transfer staff from India

It can build up closeness to the customer

Transferred personnel can have good knowledge in the merchandise and management knowledge

Recruiting local staff will help CCD to acquire regional contacts and knowledge


CCD must give product and management training to local staff

Transportation expense of vending machine could be high

Transferred staff needs localized expertise and contacts, and expatriates expense can be high

Manufacturing Subsidiaries

CCD may also deliberate to establish manufacturing subsidiaries to lessen the import tariff. They can accumulate existing items in the local marketplace or developing better products as per requirements (Brassington & Pettit, 2006, P. 1139).


UK federal government is keen to get inward investment, it may offer incentives and grants to create in key region

This entry function for CCD helps to reduce transportation cost furthermore to CCD can export the machines to other European countries.


This kind of operation needs to start out from scratch or acquire manufacturing unit

CCD must calculate long-term strategy before investing resources


While considering Café Espresso Day, its Organization divisions and the uk as a potential European market I would like to present some recommendations.

While studying advertising i come to know that there is no immediate or best solution for getting into a foreign market.

Café Coffee Moment should calculate all of the facts and figures regarding United Kingdom.

Café Coffee Day must consider franchising, immediate export, wholly-owned subsidiaries, product sales and making subsidiaries with their pros and cons.

World Banking institutions reports for conducting business in the United Kingdom is positive but as a fresh foreign company on the market, Café Coffee Day should consider to proceed with low purchase and long term strategic goals.

Café Coffee Evening must consider all the regulations, international laws and regulations, and culture and goal customers in addition to existing competitors as well.

Characteristics of Tabloid Newspapers

Characteristics of Tabloid Newspapers

Keywords: tabloid journalism, tabloidization theory, ramifications of tabloids

What is prevalent between Expenses Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Paris Hilton, Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant. If you have to answer this dilemma from only factual perspective, he might falter. That is due to the fact that all these people (and more like them) strike the common chord of the word ‘Tabloidization’. Defining tabloidization could possibly be just a little difficult, but if we want to check it out from a bird’s vision view, it will be the massive changes which may have taken place in mainstream press over past few years. The factual meaning, on the other hand, comes from the word ‘tabloid’, which refers to a particular size utilized by the British papers (23.5 in by 14.75 in). Because of the extensive make use of such sized newspapers, we can state that the British printing media is ‘tabloidized’, quite actually.

The typical sort of tabloid is usually marked by two significant and unique features: it devotes relatively less importance to issues of economics, politics and world and focuses considerably more on ‘diversions’ like activities, scandals and preferred entertainment. This new group of journalism and mass media is thought to be of wonderful consequence, atleast to the practice of journalism at large and it is important to appreciate the reasoning behind it. In this article we will try to understand the way the tabloids function, the traditional background and the result it is wearing the ‘serious’ press and on the contemporary society.

Historical background:

The existence of tabloids could be traced back to the first section of the 20th hundred years in Britain. United States and rest of the Europe were just a little overdue to catch up but through the late 30’s and post world-battle 2 eras, tabloids started to grow here aswell. The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, posted by Hammersmith and Rothermere, were the primary tabloids in Britain, that have been soon followed by famous brands The Sun, published by the Murdoch group and currently Britain’s highest offering tabloid. In other developing countries, like China and India, the tabloid movement is growing and the progress has been especially speedy in last 10 years or so. Historically, tabloids include existed alongside various other ‘quality’ papers, so to state. But, recently, we have been enduring a glaring gap between ‘serious’ mass media and tabloids. We will be using the term ‘serious’ media only concerning have the ability to emphasize ‘tabloidization’ as a phenomena which isn’t looked upon in an exceedingly positive manner, specially as a result of the features mentioned previously.

Characteristic top features of tabloids:

One of the primary characteristics of tabloids have been that they have been brash and noisy, they have used sensationalism as a method to engage the readers and give preference to anything and everything that arouses and titillates public interest. The virtually all interesting part about tabloids is that the journalism covers the nuances of the fantastic and the crazily created that your consumers are not merely aware of but as well accommodate the same in their reading strategies. Sex, scandals, celebrity, nightlife, glamour, horror, sting businesses and probing into the personal lives of people are the areas frequented by the tabloids.

Another common factor across all tabloids is the extensive utilization of posters and photographs, and usually the reporting lines are used as fillers. The majority of the tabloids publish photos of naked/semi-naked types on page 3 or 5 (Mid-day keep these things on page 2, known as the Mid-working day mates). And additional prominent stories include crime, sex, sensational news products, parties, superstar remarks etc. however, it really is incorrect to assume that they don’t really carry other ‘serious’ news such as for example politics, economics and various other news of national curiosity, however the tone used is extremely customized and the reporters happen to be opinionated. Such reporting does not provide you with any scope of objective and analytical reasoning getting reported and fostered. Probably the only thing it successfully does is to teach people to take sides. During the occasions when a media agenda needs to be set, tabloids will usually do the virtually all myopic possible work. And it doesn’t end there; tabloids likewise have the inclination of juxtaposing truth and fantasy to be able to arouse interest and also at times, mislead their readers. There are recorded instances of these tabloids carrying reports of alien attacks etc. SUNLIGHT went as far ahead declaring the 1st inter-galactic treaty being produced when they carried a cover site picture of ET shaking hands with President Clinton.

Reasons, Consequences and Results:

If we analyse tabloidization from a simple perspective, we will have that it is actually a very simple phenomenon. It is only a transition being driven by marketplace forces from being powered by public agendas. But, if an individual has to evaluate it in a deeper approach, then one must understand the political, economical and social reasons how to describe your personality behind the growth of this trend.

Tabloidization has coined innovative terms, processed foods and rag sheet for example, but what we are able to see is the fact that these have got derogatory connotations, primarily due to the fact that issues that worries the citizen are thrown on the back-burner, while scandal, entertainment and life style has used the centre-stage. This has definitely harmed the relationship between media and politics and current affairs. We can look into a few reasons for it phenomenon.

People want media to become more personalized, even more interactive, and by juxtaposing the critical news and the tabloid, private and public spheres are getting connected constantly. This also portrays the change in peoples’ outlook and justifies the declining visitors for traditional news agenda.

Media itself is becoming a growing number of corporatized, which had cause shaping of news to become able to cater to the taste of viewers. Like any various other corporate business, revenue maximization has given way to the populist agenda.

It has turned into a craze in the competitive market, especially in a free of charge market.

Declining circulation is definitely another important concern.

The increasing usage of internet information, which massively deploy the tabloid approach.

The worst possible aftereffect of tabloidization is definitely that it does not serve the primary function of journalism, which can be to see the people about the problems which concern the general public interest. As a primary consequence of tabloidization, we can start to see the change in priority regarding time-slots; prime-time is no more media and current affairs, it considerably more about creating a spectacle.

Even although classical description of journalism will not discuss covering and reporting points linked to politics, economy or different issues of public fascination only, they are able to even choose to focus on the section of individuals who are looking for content that suits common taste and public fascination. But tabloids are not simply accused of sensationalizing reports and blowing things beyond proportion also for publishing and broadcasting facts which isn’t verified and an unbiased opinion is rarely offered. This defeats the very purpose of journalism where in fact the journalist ought to be seeking the truth and really should not be offering a story tailored to suit the preferences of the readers/viewers and advertisers.


Despite having such bad connotations, there are justifications as well. Some believe tabloidization (like talk shows) is a boon as they present biology topics to write about several lifestyles and cultures which help in human integration. Plus some argue that is offers an alternative reality and helps utopian and emancipating fantasies.

On an extremely Indian context, it usually is compared to the existence of channels like Aaj Tak and India Tv set, who are basically thriving despite the fact that they are nothing but tabloidized version of information channels. People prefer tabloids as hard news is at times complicated to digest and its impersonal character doesn’t interest them.

Tabloidization and journalism:

The definition of


It is very difficult to reach a common consensus and brand tabloidization good or poor. On one hand, it is almost utopian to anticipate private media corporations to behave like general public service units, specifically in a consumerist community, and however we can debate whether the best of reader/viewer to truthful facts has been violated or not. On a broad level, reports agenda being considerably more entertainment driven can be understandable, but it becomes unacceptable when media is transformed into an entertainment package deal. The tabloids are involved at the amount of our deepest requirements for safety and security and they constantly make you feel vulnerable (Sansani, for instance). This is done in order to capture the interest and drive the public agenda through the mass media agenda. The actual fact that one third of American still believe that Saddam Hussain was in charge of the September 11 attack, is a glaring example of their success.

It might have been better if the tabloids would only have existed alongside the ‘serious’ news, but unfortunately (or fortunately!!) the collection between the two appears to end up being blurring, and with the dropping demand for classic media and astronomical climb in media intake through the digital mediums, the situation will only become more complex. To conclude, we are able to simply say that tabloidization comes after the mantra of:

“Tickle the public, make sure they are grin,

The extra you tickle, the considerably more you’ll win”